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Background in classical ballet since 6 years old. Graduated from Balettakademien Stockholm 2004 as a professional dancer in jazz and modern dance. Has been working as a dancer, model, choreographer and dance teacher in many countries from 2001. My free movement has strong inspiration from ballet, jazz dance, contemporary, flamenco, salsa, house dance and hip hop. I teach dance styles as hiphop, jazz, contemporary, female vibe and lyrical hiphop. 


Started to explore myself as an artist more widely after 2019. Found huge passion in combining different forms of arts. Realised that art belongs to the nature and should be created and performed in the nature. Created nature-linked projects "Soldiers of Mother Earth", betweenarts (with Hanna Kekäläinen) and Full Moon Art (with Niina Nieminen) 2019-2022.


Artists who express themselves with unexplained passion has given me the biggest inspiration. Manuela Bosco, Ida "Inxi" Holmlund, Michael Jackson, Hanna Kekäläinen, Alicia Keys, Maria Nordin, Danielle Polanco, Tyrone Proctore, Kanye West to name some of them. 


"The deepest wisdom is in you."

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