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soldiers of mother earth.

This is an art project created in nature with the elements of nature. We filmed one video every time of the year in Jyväskylä Finland 2020-2021. My longing to get out to the forest and to the lake to move and dance with the wind and trees around me formed this project. All forms of art are playing a big role as a game-changer in the future. The world needs art. The world needs a healthy Mother Earth. We humans need to get out into nature. We need art. 


You can buy rights to our dance film "HOME" or pieces of it (summer, winter, fall, spring). HOME is a 20min long dance film. It has 5 different parts with different soundscapes and atmospheres. HOME is perfect for big screens in indoor places where people can not get out much, for example in hospitals etc. It is also suitable for websites or screens outside in the cities: anywhere you like where you have a screen! HOME brings a piece of art and nature wherever needed. 


"Creating Change In The World With Art."

soldiers of mother earth.

"Creating change in the world with art"

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